Make A Place
Make A Place
It’s people who make a place.


Make a place

Some people look for beautiful places, others make a place beautiful.

A place is much more than geographical coordinates. We make pilgrimages to places, remember the dead in places. We gather for celebration in places. A place can matter to lots of people for different reasons; or to one person for only one. Places can evoke powerful feelings - feelings as individual as our own fingerprints. 

M/A/P is a photo-journalism series about makers and places. Through maker’s eyes we look at the places that shaped them, the places that stayed with them, and the place they now make from. We're interested in how someone makes a life, not just a living. It’s about individuals, not companies or organisations. The focus is on lifestyle and philosophy. An online platform for makers to share their thoughts and inspiration. 

Anna Hoghton (@annahoghton) and Remco Merbis (@remcomerbis)

Are you a writer or photographer?

We want to collaborate with a worldwide network of talented contributors to showcase makers from all corners of the globe. If you’re a photographer or writer and are interested in creating an article that will be featured on the website then get in touch.

Are you a maker?

We are looking for makers with special places who would be happy to be photographed and featured by us. It will involve a short interview about you, your work and the places that have and continue to inspire you. If you are interested in being involved or know someone else who might be please get in touch.